JLS Equine Services

JLS Equine Services

Help your horse achieve their highest potential
Broodmare Care & Breeding
JLS provides the services needed to get you from conception through gestation to the delivery day: On farm breeding services, breeding by Artificial Insemination ONLY Prepare your mare(s) for live cover, monitor cycles and advise...
Growth Management & Nutrition
There is always a need and want to improve your horses’ nutrition and condition. Whether its for a  gestating mare, foal, yearling, performance, horse on recovery or the well loved retired horse, each horse has...
Rehabilitation Programs
Whether it’s getting back to the basics, correcting a developed habit or assisting in recovery, JLS provides individualized programs to help bring your horse back to good health and better behavior. Some cases are obvious...
Sale/Training Preparation
JLS also offers services in preparation for your horse to go to sale or training.  All young horses benefit from proper nutrition, daily handling and an exercise routine but sending your horse to a facility...


This year’s breeding season is winding down. We survived the winter’s bitter cold nights, outdoor skating rinks from ice storms and crazy mud from all the spring rain. All of the mares, those with or without offspring are moving out to pasture for the summer. It’s time for them to …


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