Rehabilitation Programs

Whether it’s getting back to the basics, correcting a developed habit or assisting in recovery, JLS provides individualized programs to help bring your horse back to good health and better behavior.

Some cases are obvious and others may take more investigation.  A program will be developed to each horses specific needs depending on the findings.  Having your horse at a facility with the knowledge in ‘Rehabilitation Programs’, works closely with a veterinarian and that deliver the required individualized care is very important in a horses recovery

Please contact JLS to book your horse, inquiries welcome.

*Please note that JLS is not a veterinarian and in no way replaces the need for one.


Services Offered

  • Individualized
    • Recovery Programs
    • Post Surgery Care
    • Lay Ups

*temporary or long term boarding accepted

  • Special Farrier needs (will work along with veterinarian recommendations if required)
    • Recognize and work with confirmation issues
    • Corrective trimming
    • Blacksmith (if needed)
    • Acrylics
  • Ground work and good behavior development
  • Other additional care needed (work along with veterinarian when recommended if required)
    • such as medications or physical therapy
  • Maintenance and recovery supported through Growth Management/Nutrition
  • Certified Equine Massage Therapy

“I spent most of my childhood training and rebuilding the foundations with horses.  I’ve continued to carry this forward throughout my life.  Sometimes we need a little help to get back to the basics, going here can sometimes do a world of good for your horse.  There is something indescribable about being able to speak without speaking to a horse.  What an honor to be able to work with such a majestic powerful animal”