Growth Management & Nutrition

There is always a need and want to improve your horses’ nutrition and condition. Whether its for a  gestating mare, foal, yearling, performance, horse on recovery or the well loved retired horse, each horse has their own nutritional and supplemental needs.JLS will provide:

Management of an optimal growth rate of foal to horse

  • address each horses nutritional needs
  • Individual feed programs
  • Premium quality horse feeds
  • Supporting supplements
  • Full Hay Analysis
  • Condition assessment and support

JLS takes pride in the horses’ nutritional needs, as it is so important to  develop and support the organs of locomotion, digestion and all other systems to create that happy, healthy horse.

“You are what you eat.” Remember being told that when you were younger?  Well it’s so true!  I know for myself I feel so much better with the right food and supplements.  I wouldn’t have the energy or the physical ability without it.  So when I happen to see something that may not be benefiting the horse I tend to ask this question a lot, “Would you eat it?” I love the look on some faces but it’s true.  A horse’s feed shouldn’t be something that’s gross or unsafe for us to taste, if that’s the case then maybe we are feeding the wrong feed?  It’s an avenue worth investigating.  Optimal nutrition is a key factor to good health and performance.”